hoist lifters

Electric hoist lift

TAWI’s electric hoists can manage goods with absolute precision and accuracy. They are easy to control with one hand and provide the operator with great flexibility and stability.

TAWI chain hoist

Chain hoist

Chain hoist

Strong and durable chain hoist for handling heavier loads that weigh up to 3,500 lbs.

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electric hoist

High speed wire hoist

High speed wire hoist

High speed electric hoist handling a variety of goods weighing up to 265 lbs with great precision and ease.

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TAWI electric hoist lift

Electric hoists

An electric hoist from TAWI is the ideal solution when stability and control are key to your material handling. It is great for handling cumbersome containers, tall metal profiles and much more.

A TAWI wire hoist is faster than a chain hoist, making it the perfect solution for precise lifting when you need full control of your load. For heavier lifting and lifting in tough conditions we offer a powerful and durable chain hoist.

TAWI Electric Hoist

Lifting all types of goods with precision and power.

TAWI offers a complete selection of wire hoists and chain hoists that are best suited for when you need to lift with stability and control. There are several tools available for handling various applications such as rolls, metal profiles, car components, batteries, canisters, drums, pallets and bags. The TAWI ViperHoist is a wire hoist that is the preferable choice when you need to lift with speed and precision and are handling goods up to 265 lbs. The TAWI Chain Hoist on the other hand is best used for heavier loads weighing up to 3,500 lbs and also best for lifting in tough conditions.

All of our hoists come with a user-friendly joystick handle that makes the hoist easy and efficient to work with. They are also all equipped with a quick coupling, allowing for a quick change of tools, so you can easily use the same hoist to lift different applications. These hoists are additionally great for when you need to tilt or turn your load, offering great flexibility to position the goods exactly where you need them.

The TAWI ViperHoist is among the fastest hoists on the market. The operator can move as fast or slow as they choose and it is mostly used when handling applications that require high speed at some points and slow, precise movements at other points. The ViperHoist was engineered with the customer in mind and with our customizable tooling options operators are able to handle a variety of applications from woven bags to metal profiles. The ergonomic handle was designed to provide comfort, ease, and smooth movement while operating, making the hoist easy to control with just one hand. Manual lifting is almost obsolete with this high speed wire hoist, making it the safest, easiest way to handle any type of good.

For many industrial lifting applications, a TAWI Chain Hoist offers the most optimal solution. Depending on the complexity of the job and the conditions on site, we offer different models to provide a full range of lifting solutions. The chain hoist is simple in its structure and does not contain any sensitive electronics, which minimizes the risk of operational interruptions. It’s quiet running and ergonomic control switch allows for convenient and safe working and its low wear makes it designed to last long term. Repair and maintenance is done simply and quickly which makes the chain hoist very economical to maintain. By minimizing the risk of production downtime and potentially high downtime costs, this chain hoist makes for the best way to streamline your material handling, saving your operations both time and money.

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