Telescopic mounted unloader

Unloading containers fast and effortless, TAWI telescopic mounted unloader increases productivity and reduces physical strain on workers. This ergonomic and user-firendly vacuum lifter is designed to create the optimal working experience. It allows you to grip up to 88 lbs from any side, turn it 360° and release as required. It is assembled onto a telescopic conveyor either factory-fitted or retro-fitted.

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Unloading containers and trailers

Former Vaculex and TAWI are now both part of Piab Group. From now on Vaculex vacuum lifting solutions will be available under the TAWI brand.

Container unloading equipment for efficient loading or unloading in confined spaces. The TAWI telescopic mounted unloader allows you to handle a great variety of products and parcels inside a container or trailer.

  • Unloading containers with vacuum technology
  • Lifting capacity: up to 88 lbs
  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
  • Mounted on telescopic conveyor

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Unloading containers effortless and efficient

TAWI telescopic mounted unloader has been designed to create the optimal working experience. The user-friendly vacuum lifter allows you to grip an item from any side, turn it 360° and release it as required.

  • Decrease the load on your body by more than 80 percent
  • Reduce injuries and sick leave
  • Increase productivity and decrease costs
  • End-user happiness - light and user-friendly work

Product Details

TAWI Telescopic mounted unloader with 88 lbs lifting capacity is mounted on a Caljan telescopic conveyor.

  • Information
    Lifting capacity88 lbs
    Hose diameter4" / 100 mm
    Lifting speed0-1 m/s
    Max length lift tube98" / 2,5 m
    Stroke64" / 1 630 mm

Unloading goods from containers and trailers fast and easy

A container unloading conveyor allows you to unload goods from container or trailer fast and efficient. This vacuum powered container lifter mounted on a telescopic conveyor makes the job easy and ergonomic for the operator.

Unloading trailers with telescopic conveyor unloader

Online shopping requires time-efficient loading and unloading

The rapid increase in global e-commerce puts logistic- distribution & order fulfilment centers under pressure. Nowadays people are doing more and more shopping online. These purchases need to be packaged and delivered on time.  Increasing productivity and improving  work environment are challenges this industry faces.

Lifting loose loaded cargo inside containers and trailers

In a logistic- and distribution center, there are typically many areas where intense levels of manual handling occur, such as the inbound and outbound docks, as well as storage and picking areas. At the receiving dock, a common challenge is unloading loose loaded containers and trailers. This is one of the most physically demanding jobs, due to heavy lifting and bad posture. TAWI Telescopic mounted unloader can help you out, reduce the load on your body and at the same time increase productivity.

Container unloading equipment to avoid strain injuries

In recent years, TAWI systems for unloading containers have been utilized by clients across many different industries. We have noted most industries are placing more attention on employee health and safety. Our solutions have helped transform many workplaces and as a result they can be found in almost every location where manual lifting takes place. Manual handling without a lifting aid often causes work-related strain injuries due to bad posture and repetitive manual lifting. This can be eliminated by using ergonomic equipment for unloading trailers and containers.

How to efficiently unload inside a container or trailer?

To unload a truck or container manually with loose loaded parcels is a challenge, most often related to repetitive and heavy lifting. TAWI telescopic mounted unloader enables you to reach inside the container or trailer with a tube lifter which is mounted onto a telescopic conveyor. The tube  lifter can be either factory-fitted (onto a new telescopic conveyor) or retro-fitted (to your existing telescopic conveyor) at your premises. Furthermore, the solution maximizes the working height by sensing the headroom available and adjusting itself automatically, making it the ideal solution for working in confined spaces with limited headroom. The ultimate vacuum lifting aid at the unloading dock for unloading loose loaded cargo inside a container or trailer.

Benefits with TAWI’s container and trailer unloading equipment

The benefits for employers and employees can’t be underestimated. Independent studies* show that manual lifting can result in repetitive strain injuries and damage to the spine. This can lead to absence or, in serious cases, to supplementary disability pension. TAWIs solutions minimizes the risk of such work-related injuries. While productivity is maintained, or increased, the load on the body can be reduced by more than 80 percent. Our goal is always to minimize the load on the body, increase productivity and enhance user happiness.

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