lifting sheet with vacuum lifter

Lifting heavy plastic or laminate sheets

Lifting heavy plastic or laminate sheets

Lift and tilt plastic sheets, effortless and easy.

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Man lifting window with vacuum yoke sheet gripper

Tilt your glass and windows safely and easily

Tilt your glass and windows safely and easily

Efficient lifting and tilting of glass sheets and windows.

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lifting metal sheet with hoist and vacuum yoke

Lift and handle metal sheets with vaccum

Lift and handle metal sheets with vaccum

Ergonomic lifting of sheet metal.

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Man lifting up big sheet of wood using VacuEasy Lift system

Lift Wood Panels Safely with TAWI

Lift Wood Panels Safely with TAWI

Lift and tilt large sheets of wood.

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Vacuum sheet lifter at LG Collection
TAWI has helped us not just with standard lifting equipment, but with customized solutions that have been adjusted to our specific needs.

Björn Skoglund

Production manager at LG Collection

Sheet lifters for ergonomic lifting, tilting and rotating

Handling sheets of wood, metal, glass and plastic is easy and efficient with TAWI sheet lifters. Everyone can lift and tilt big sheets, powered by vacuum technology.

TAWI offers a sheet lifter for every step of your processing operations. You can easily grip sheets with suction cups that have been designed for specifically handling wood, metal, glass, laminate and other types of sheets.

  • Lift heavy plastic or laminate sheets
  • Tilt glass and windows safely
  • Handle metal sheets effortlessly
  • Safely rotate wood sheets

High-speed handling up to 600 lbs

Vacuum technology is the ideal solution for securely lifting heavy sheets, without the risk of damaging them or the person doing the lifting. The TAWI Multi-functional lift is our most versatile sheet lifter. It offers a big range of movement for the highest accuracy and flexibility by allowing you to tilt or turn sheets up to 360°. A vacuum sheet lifter allows the operator to pick up sheets in no time, quickly lifting and moving them in place with a simple grip on the ergonomic handle.

  • Cost-effective stacking and palletizing
  • Heavy lifting of all types of sheet materials
  • CNC loading and unloading

Optimal solution for heavier sheets up to
1,100 lbs

You can also easily lift sheets weighing up to 1,100 lbs using the TAWI Grip. Mounted in a chain hoist, this sheet lifter allows for safe and efficient handling of all types of sheet materials using an electric or pneumatic vacuum source. It safely holds big sheets of various materials vertically 90° and horizontally up to 180°.

  • Powerful lifting with minimal effort
  • Reliable grip for steady and precise lifting
  • Wide range of movement for maximum flexibility

Customized crane systems

Our customized crane systems are the foundation for efficient lifting, and secure maximum suspension of your sheet lifter. For production lines with several working stations, a TAWI crane system can be installed for each station, with no limit to the length of the gantry. They are available in aluminum or steel profiles, portable for mobile operations, or can be installed into a wall or floor.

Great ROI

Sheet lifting that normally required two people can easily become a one person job when implementing a TAWI sheet lifter into your workflow. Tilting or rotating sheets can be back-breaking work too, but our sheet lifters are ergonomic and safe, making the task at hand effortless. There is no need to be big and strong, our sheet lifters are so easy to use that everyone can operate them. By strengthening your workforce and increasing staff flexibility, you will secure continuous productivity in your business.

Dedicated customer support is guaranteed when investing in a TAWI sheet lifter and our service team will assure that the equipment never fails you. Not to mention, our team of experienced engineers custom design sheet lifters for your business needs. Their innovations securing optimal quality and short lead times.

Contact your local TAWI representative and they will help you find the best sheet lifter for your needs.

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