lifting drums with vacuum lifter

Lifting multiple drums and pails

Lifting multiple drums and pails

Lifting drums and pails in groups of two or more.

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vacuum lifter for chemical filling

Tilt drums and pails of all sizes

Tilt drums and pails of all sizes

Lift and tilt drums and pails to stack them or to empty their contents.

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Lift and rotate kegs

Lift and rotate kegs

Lift and rotate kegs in a safe and effortless 360° motion.

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Lift drums, kegs and pails effortlessly with a TAWI lifter

No matter if you’re in the food, beverage, or chemical industry, we can help you find an ergonomic lifter to suit your particular needs.


Drums, kegs and pails come in many shapes and sizes. TAWI provides lifters for anything from small pails and beer kegs to big oil barrels.

Using a TAWI vacuum lifter will allow you to lift one by one, or several at a time, with just one hand, all while in complete control. Depending on which suction foot you use, you can lift from the top or from the side, up to 600 lbs, using no effort at all.

When gripping drums, pails and kegs from the side, you also have the advantage of being able to rotate them in a 360 degree motion. A TAWI VacuMove can also be modified with various special solutions to meet your specific requirements. For example, a built-in scale for weighing a keg or stainless steel tools for easy cleaning of kegs, and much more.

Drums are commonly used within the chemical industry. When operating in a hazardous area, TAWI can provide an Explosion Proof vacuum drum lifter. The motor on our drum lifter can be manufactured to offer protection in these hazardous areas, where flammable substances and ignition sources are present, without sacrificing efficiency, safety or ergonomics. You can also place the vacuum’s pump in another room, thus enabling the vacuum drum lift to vent the exhaust into a safe area.

In addition, TAWI has a long history of supplying lifting solutions to the food and beverage industry and a deep understanding of how companies in this segment work, and what they need to work more efficiently and more productively. That is why we can offer a wide range of stainless steel vacuum drum lifters and pail lifters, for these environments where sanitation is key.

Pairing a drum lifter, keg lifter, or pail lifter with our Crane Systems will additionally enhance your overall workflow. This is best suited especially for production lines with several working stations. We also supply a complete range of stainless steel crane systems, for cleanroom areas.

A TAWI Lifting Trolley offers a number of solutions as well for lifting and moving drums, kegs and pails. The mobile lifter can grip from the side, allowing you to tilt or rotate using manual or electrical power. A lifting trolley will also give you the flexibility of transporting a drum, keg or pail, wherever you need it. The trolley is easy to drive, with an ergonomic handle to ensure a good working position regardless. These are also available in washdown stainless steel, just like our vacuum lifters, for use in clean room environments, with a lifting capacity of up to 500 lbs.

Need to pick drums or kegs for orders? No problem! A TAWI Mobile Order Picker allows you to lift and rotate kegs easily and safely in a 360° motion. Quickly move kegs that weigh up to 175 lbs from the side, the top, or from both with high-quality engineered gaskets that ensure suction of the keg and drums.

Everyone can handle heavy drums, pails and kegs using a TAWI lifter, increasing flexibility and ensuring that your production never stands still. Contact your TAWI representative for a consultation on how our lifting solutions can help you save money and create a safer and more ergonomic work environment for your employees.

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