man lifting cannisters with wire hoist

Lift multiple containers in groups

Lift multiple containers in groups

Save time by lifting containers in groups.

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Lifting barrels with a customized vacuum lifter

Lift all sorts of canisters and containers

Lift all sorts of canisters and containers

Effortless handling of all types of containers

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Efficient, ergonomic and safe container lifter

TAWI lifters can handle all types of containers, lifting them one by one, or several at the same time.

A TAWI container lifter is typically used at the end of a production line for lifting packing containers, bottles or other canisters, in boxes or directly on pallets. For this type of high-frequency lifting, a vacuum lifter is the best solution. Suction feet adapted to your specific requirements allow you to grip one or more containers, lift, and safely place them where you need them. TAWI vacuum lifters can handle goods weighing up to 600 lbs and are easily controlled with a simple one-handed grip.

All our lifters are designed with the user in mind, ensuring an ergonomic working position and effortless lifting. We make sure everyone can lift all types of containers, regardless how big or heavy. User-friendly and ergonomic lifters ensure a good work environment where employees can lift heavy without risking injury or straining their backs and shoulders.

When lifting containers less often, a hoist lift could be a preferable solution. The hoist lets you lift containers with variable speed control, ensuring great precision. A hoist will also hold the load for you, for as long as needed. You can leave the container hanging suspended in the hoist, for as long as you need. The high speed wire hoist also offers tools for lifting multiple containers at the same time.

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