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How to find efficient and reliable lifting equipment suitable for cleanroom environment.

Finding efficient lifting equipment that is suitable for use in cleanroom environment can be challenging. Not only do you need the equipment to fulfil cleanroom requirements, you also expect it to meet your specific needs when it comes to lifting capacity, usability and ergonomics.
Cleanrooms are commonly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, life sciences and other industries that are sensitive to environmental contamination. To keep these facilities clean, staff enter the cleanrooms through airlocks and are forced to wear protective clothing while working in the cleanroom. All equipment used in a cleanroom must be designed to generate minimal contamination and be very easy to clean.

TAWI is a progressive Swedish company developing lifting solutions for industries worldwide. With a strong focus on streamlining operations and improving worker safety, they have developed a number of lifting aids suitable for sensitive cleanroom environments. Their cleanroom product range includes both stationary and mobile lifters, available in stainless steel and optimised for easy cleaning.

TAWI Lifting Trolleys for cleanroom are used in many pharmaceutical companies, ensuring safe and efficient lifting in sensitive environments. These lifters can be equipped with various tools to facilitate lifting of anything from sacks or drums to machine parts or reels. TAWI also designs custom made solutions on request, ensuring that the lifters do exactly what you need them to do. People who use the lifters in their daily work find them easy to control, and appreciate that they relieve them from heavy or repetitive lifting that often cause aching backs or shoulders. Companies that choose to work with TAWI lifters benefit from healthier staff and more efficient operations, securing a strong return on their investment.

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