Anyone can lift any roll with TAWI roll lifting equipment


TAWI roll handling equipment helps streamline your process and brings an unparalleled level of flexibility and productivity to your operations.

TAWI roll handling equipment

Lifting and moving rolls is heavy and repetitive work that places strain on both personnel and productivity. TAWI offers a range of roll lift products to help make moving rolls an easy, one-person task, significantly reducing manual handling strains and injuries, and increasing workplace flexibility and efficiency.

Whatever the size or weight of the roll, TAWI’s roll handling equipment and accessories allow you to manipulate any roll easily, ergonomically and safely.

TAWI has accessories suitable for a wide range of work environments and industries as well as stainless steel options for use in clean room environments. TAWI USA can help you customize the optimal solution for your needs, from fixed overhead systems for repetitive processes or work environments where floor-based solution is unsuitable, to lightweight and maneuverable machines perfect for moving rolls over distance or in narrow spaces.

lifting trolley with coregripper

Ultimate precision.

lifting trolley with easy squeeze

Grip rolls from the sides or from the core.

coregripper on lifting trolley PRO180

Turn and tilt rolls to correct position.

TAWI stainless steel lifting trolleys

360-degree rotation.

Stainless steel lifting trolleys

Tilt rolls from vertical to horizontal position.

Stainless steel roll lifter

The perfect roll solution for your needs

TAWI roll lifting equipment helps you lift, turn or tilt rolls to the desired position, move them to where you need them, and then place them in exact position.

In order to provide you with the most suitable solution TAWI USA will gladly help you assess your current process, personnel requirements, and work environment. TAWI USA handling specialists will discuss options with you and help you to choose the optimal solution.

If you are looking for a smart solution to mount or move your rolls, look no further. Innovative tools from TAWI makes roll handling easier and more efficient than ever before.

Man lyfter rulle med hjälp av lyftvagn


A TAWI roll lifting equipment offers:

  • Efficient, ergonomic and safe roll handling.
  • Optimal precision and flexibility.
  • Increased safety + increased productivity = increased ROI.
  • Electrical or manual rotation.
  • Electrical or manual turn and tilt function.
  • Full mobility.
  • Wide selection of tools to grip various loads.
  • Robust wheels for easy transportation.
  • Ergonomically designed handles for comfortable use.

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