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Speed up order picking and save money with TAWI ergonomic lifters.

The logistics industry is growing, and so is the demand for efficient material handling. However, manual handling is still common in many logistic areas, especially within order picking. Manual material handling often requires more personnel and heavy manual lifts can lead to back pain and sick leave among employees. With ergonomic lifters, TAWI offers a healthy and time-saving way of order picking and moving goods.

Warehouse order picker va

Increase flexibility and productivity

With a lifting system suitable for your needs, your business can increase both flexibility and productivity. TAWI provides complete ergonomic lifting solutions for logistics, including container and truck unloading, order picking and moving goods from conveyors to pallets.

Order picking with ergonomic lifters

Efficient lifting solutions can help reduce valuable time needed to load, lift and deliver a product order. Ergonomic lifting solutions allows employees to lift heavier loads over a longer period of time, making the logistics department safer and more flexible.

The TAWI Mobile Order Picker enables one employee to pick up goods that normally would take two employees to manage. It can be attached to any type of forklift or pallet jack, which makes it easy to move wherever you want to go. The Mobile Order Picker includes a vacuum lifter that starts with just the push of a button and can handle loads up to 175 lbs. In addition to saving you valuable time and increasing your productivity, the TAWI Mobile Order Picker will improve the well being and safety of your employees. This is great for both your business and people and will support you to deliver.

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