Effortless and efficient roll handling

Safe and efficient roll handling will save both time and money within your operations. TAWI’s electric coregripper lifting tool ensures safe and effortless handling of all types of rolls.

The coregripper tool on a TAWI lifting trolley allows you to grip rolls safely from the core, lifting and rotating them effortlessly, with the simple push of a button. Because of the electrical control, an operator can stay behind the lifter at all times, which makes roll handling safer and more efficient. Dropping a heavy roll could also result in a serious injury and damage the roll’s material. By implementing an electric coregripper tool, this risk is completely eliminated completely.

In addition, this tool is easy to use, allowing anyone to handle bulky and heavy rolls. The operator can safely pick up rolls from a vertical or horizontal position, while easily rotating, turning, transporting and releasing the rolls, with little to no effort at all.

This lifting tools also makes it easy to pick or place rolls on high shelves. But most of all, it is the ideal solution for loading rolls onto a machine axis. With a QuickLoad feature you can program the lifting trolley to automatically stop at the exact right height where you need the roll to be.

Find out more about TAWI Lifting Trolleys here, or contact us today for advice on safe lifting.

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