Lifting large panels

Cost-effective stacking and palletizing

Arranging, stacking and palletizing are common wood, steel and glass processes that all benefit greatly from using highly well designed lift systems.

Woman lifting and moving sheet with vacuum lifter

Seamless and cost effective palletizing

Palletizing glass and steel sheets and wood usually calls for the operator to tilt them between horizontal and vertical positions, a process that is both difficult and exhausting if done without the help of a lifting aid. The investment of a lifting device that is designed to simplify this process can instantly increase workflow productivity and a reduce in overall costs.

Handling sheets of wood, steel or glass usually means numerous lifts must be made to and from pallets and machinery. A TAWI vacuum lifting solution gives you the opportunity to tilt segments of wood, steel and glass in a a safe, efficient and ergonomic motion.

The ease of use of a lifter lowers the start-up time and the user friendly operations allows an operator the ability to quickly move with the lifter without any delays, making palletizing a seamless and cost effective process.

By investing in ergonomic lifting equipment for handling everything from sheets and plywood, to windows and laminate, you will not just considerably boost employee health, but also provide your business with the ability to give everyone the power to lift.

Investing in the long-term health and well-being of your employees will give you a great return on your investment. TAWI lifting devices are easily incorporated into your workflow and built sturdy enough to be handled for many years to come.

lifting and moving sheet with vacuum lifter

Increase employee diversity and create a practical work space

Applying smart lifting solutions into your operations allows anyone, no matter their size or strength, the ability to manage heavy lifting without any physical effort.

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