order picking with mobile vacuum lifter

Order Picking

TAWI mobile vacuum lifters provide safe material handling by picking orders easily and effortlessly

Mobile vacuum Lifter Picking oder with forklift

Cost effective and time saving order picker

Easy start up, user friendly controls and inventive features allows for an operator to pick orders easily and effortlessly.

Everyone can use a mobile order picker, no matter how big or strong, allowing everyone the ability to lift heavy goods. This provides a great return on your investment both for your business, and for your staff, by enhancing your resources and decreasing any downtime.

TAWI’s mobile order picker equipped with a Easy Reach tool enables the operator to comfortably reach into pallet racks and pick goods without bending or stretching. This prevents injury, promotes optimal utilization of storage space and allows one person to do what is often a 2-man job. The tool grips and holds any type of load with reliable vacuum technology. The Easy Reach allows the operator to pick goods stacked closely to the shelf above, enabling optimal utilization of storage space. Having 3ft of reach from the lift tube ensures that the operator can pick goods at the back end of a pallet without bending or stretching into the rack.

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The use of ergonomic equipment for order picking in warehouses, while still being time efficient, is a constant challenge. Usually, there are a variety of goods with different weights and shapes that are picked for orders, demanding an adaptable and user-friendly lifting device.

An additional challenge when order picking is having the ability to reach into a pallet rack and grab goods. This unique lifting device from TAWI, which is a low built order picking device, solves this problem.

The compact order picker is a stand alone unit that can be picked up with any forklift or pallet jack, allowing for all crew the ability to use at any time.

The lifting device can quickly and effortlessly move from pallet rack to pallet rack, while placing goods directly onto a pallet. Also, it can be placed inside of a container for the loading and unloading of goods, rather it be used as a standalone unit or attached to a forklift. This allows for easy mobility, speed and efficient workflow.

Man lifting boxes inside pallet rack using vacuum lifter with a easy reach tool

One-of-a-kind innovation

Cost effective and time saving order picking can be accomplished with our mobile vacuum lifters.

Boxes, bags, pails and other goods come in an variety of different shapes, sizes and weights. They are all also placed differently onto pallets. To find a lift system that can assist in all these variations is challenging. That’s why a TAWI mobile order picker is your solution!

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