Unloading containers with mobile vacuum lifter

Truck and Shipping Container Unloader

Supplying an efficient lifting solution to your workflow for truck or container unloading will save your company time and money while also providing a safe work space for your employees.

Operator unloading a container using a mobile vacuum lifter

Safe container unloading

Are you unloading boxes from containers? Allow your employees the ability to reach and lift every box ergonomically, from the top to the bottom of the container, without slowing down the workflow.

Or are you unloading heavier goods such as bags or car tires? That is still no problem, if you’re using our mobile vacuum lifters. Anyone, no matter their size or strength, can manage heavy goods weighing up to 175 lbs, with no problem at all.

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Manually unloading goods from a container or truck is a laborious task. And a quick pace is essential at this point of the workflow, while also keeping staff safe and reducing any downtime.

You can save your business time and money with an efficient lifting solution for unloading containers, while also providing a safe work space for your employees.

TAWI has the solution – a mobile vacuum lifting device that enables any operator, no matter their size or strength, the ability to reach all goods inside of a container, from the top to the bottom.

This compact and foolproof lifter can be picked up and moved using any type of fork lift. The vacuum lifting machinery guarantees high speed lifting and is easy to use. Give every employee the power to lift while also creating a flexible workplace where employees can move between workstations to avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure continuous productivity.

Unloading a container/truck using a mobile vacuum lifter from TAWI

Effortless lifting

Lifting with a vacuum lifter is both quick and easy, as well as safe for the operator and the goods being lifted. Simply lower the vacuum lifter, grab the goods, and lift away using just one hand. This process removes any possibility of causing physical strain on the operator.

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