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A TAWI system is the best solution for logistic lifting, from sorting, packaging and order picking, to palletizing and depalletizing.

Where in the logistic workflow are you?

Lifting systems for every step of your logistic processes

Truck and container unloader

Are you unloading boxes from containers, or heavier goods, such as large bags or car tires? If you’re using a TAWI mobile vacuum lifter, then that is no problem. Using an efficient lifting solution will give you a great return on your investment by increasing your business productivity, providing a safe work environment and allowing anyone and everyone the power to lift.

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truck unloading with mobile vacuum lifter
Order picking

Are you picking orders in a large facility? Obtain a cost effective workflow by using a mobile vacuum lifter in your work space. This will allow an operator to grab various goods, weighing up to 175 lbs within a 2 meter range, quickly and effortlessly.

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Logistic industry order picking system
Conveyor to pallet

The speed at which goods are picked from a conveyor and transported to a pallet will have an important effect on the success of your logistic process. Our lifting solutions give you the ability to grab and move goods quickly and effortlessly.

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Conveyor to pallet logistics
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Fast and efficient logistic handling

In the logistics industry, packages must be delivered quickly and safely in order for a company to remain competitive. This means incredibly high standards on its automated and manual processes in order to be able to move goods from the manufacturer to the warehouse and then on to the customer, in the most time efficient manner.

Fastest growing industry with increasing challenges

The rise of internet commerce and increased globalization have made the logistics industry one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. It has also become an increasing challenge for this industry to stay on top of new advances in business processes.

Boxes, containers, bags, luggage, and other forms of goods are being unloaded and loaded, picked for orders, and palletized and depalletized like never before. Everything from small parcels and packages to bulky or fragile goods requires a wide variety of handling tasks and poses a range of challenges.

A TAWI lifting system can be easily configured to handle most any type of goods safely, efficiently and economically.

Great ROI with TAWI

Our lifting devices make exhausting tasks like manually lifting, rotating and moving packages easier than ever before, freeing operators from the weight of the goods so that they can easily and ergonomically maintain higher handling speeds. Our lifters’ one-handed operation enables a single employee to do the work of multiple workers, without endangering the employee or the contents.

TAWI provides vacuum lifting components, grippers and systems to meet a wide variety of needs in the logistics industry. Whether loading and unloading containers, picking orders or transporting goods from a conveyor to a pallet, our lifters ensure maximum speed and safety, while drastically improving your workplace ergonomics and increasing productivity.

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