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TAWI’s specially designed explosion proof and stainless steel lifts allow you to move and manage even the most delicate packaging in a safe, easy and efficient way.

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Safe and efficient lifting solutions for the chemical industry

TAWI lifts guarantee the highest product control and best efficiency in material handling for any chemical product that is difficult to manage, as well as located in a hazardous area.

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Our selection of vacuum lifting systems can be customized to fit your needs, whether you’re lifting drums or bags, and are designed for precise movement, easy for any operator to control and adaptable for all types of facilities. These lifting solutions will enhance your operational workflow.

Injury, explosions and product contamination are not the only dangers when manually lifting products. Accidents and imprecise handling can cause chemical leakage into the surrounding work space. This can cause major consequences for your business, from illnesses to the loss of brand trust and much more. TAWI’s lifting equipment allows an operator the ability to lift all goods safely and accurately, even with delicate applications such as paper bags, promising that your operations and surrounding areas will not be put in danger.

Man Grip sack of food from the top and puts it in a food container using multifunctional lifting tool.

Adaptable to your needs

TAWI’s vacuum lifting solutions for the chemical industry are available in stainless steel and specially designed for sensitive environments. Our ergonomic designs ensure the highest level of protection for the operator and the goods, increasing your production workflow.

The motor on our standard vacuum lift can be manufactured to offer protection in areas where flammable substances and ignition sources are present, without sacrificing efficiency, safety or ergonomics. If installing a TAWI vacuum lift with an explosion proof motor, you have the ability to place the vacuum’s pump in another room, thus enabling the vacuum lift to vent the exhaust into a safe area.

Our lifting equipment offers an efficient and cost effective solution for any controlled environment where safety is essential.

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