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Chemical palletizing

Chemical products usually have a high ability to explode, making the handling of these products an even bigger threat. Specific attention to detail must be given towards the packing and palletizing of these substances and this can be achieved with TAWI lifting equipment.

Lifting chemical products onto pallet

Maximum productivity - maximum safety

Palletizing is typically a manual and strenuous process with the consequences resulting in continuous stress injuries, a lot of downtime and disturbances to products. TAWI lift systems, which includes explosion proof lifts, can handle a variety of applications and even allows for the most delicate contents to be safely and efficiently packed and palletized.

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TAWI solutions can be customized to meet the needs of almost any work environment. This reduces delivery times, lowers costs and provides a safe work space for all employees. Even our explosion proof lifts promise safe handling in hazardous areas.

Using a TAWI vacuum lifting solution allows everyone the power to lift, no matter their size or strength, easily and effortlessly. This includes the heaviest of boxes or containers, and won’t cause damage to the product or its contents.

The result is efficient packing and palletizing and a greater work place diversity. You will receive maximum productivity with none of the potential threats of injury that usually follow with repeated lifting, stacking and moving of bags or boxes onto pallets. The result is the best lifting from everyone, all day and every day.

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