automotive industry storage handling

Storage handling

Automotive parts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making the storage and retrieval of automotive parts a different kind of challenge. With a TAWI system, heavy or delicate parts are all handled carefully, allowing you the ability to attain the most effective and efficient storage possible, without damaging the parts and without putting your employees in danger.

storage of bulky car components

Store and retrieve anything, no matter the shape and size

Car parts are usually cumbersome and ungainly, making them unfit for normal storage and for normal lifting solutions. TAWI’s line of vacuum lifters makes storing and retrieving anything from pipes and batteries to boxes of components, much more simpler than ever before. A TAWI system can be customized to fit the needs of the the storage operation and provides a solution that is room efficient, ergonomic and and easy to use.

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The solution to an adequate storage and retrieval process is efficiency. If the workflow is badly organized and slacking, then both time and money will be lost. Products can get damaged, workers may get hurt, and costly production time is lost.

With a TAWI system, auto parts can get from their storage location to where they need to be in a speedy, efficient and safe way. This task is achieved by granting automobiles the ability to be completed quicker and more frequently, and for suppliers to efficiently handle their shipping demands with no threat to the well being of the products or the employees.

TAWI lifters are suitable to handle the storage and retrieval of most any type of auto part, allowing employees to lift all day and every day, both effortlessly and with no risk of injury. With a TAWI lifting solution, anyone can move and lift parts of all shapes, sizes and weights. The outcome is a more smooth and simplified, ergonomic and efficient, and profitable storage operation.

automotive industry storage handling

TAWI continues to progress with the industry

TAWI continues to stay up to date with the changes in the automotive industry and is constantly advancing our products, providing our customers with the safest and most reliable lifting solutions.

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