receiving incoming goods for automotive manufacuring

Incoming goods

TAWI offers a variety of options for material handling solutions in the automotive industry that are designed to eliminate any work related injury that can be caused from repetitive lifting, and also meet the particular demands that come with handling incoming goods in automotive manufacturing plants.

unloading incoming goods for automotive industry

Efficient handling of incoming automotive goods

Constructing an automobile is a very complicated process. The average car is composed of more than 4,000 parts from outside suppliers, all of which must all come into a manufacturing plant for assembly. This wide range of components and parts will arrive by truck or railroad, and must be off-loaded and delivered to the appropriate parts of their production process. For example, parts used for the framework of a car need to go to one area, while parts that make up the body of the car need to be unloaded in another production area. Repeatedly moving and handling these components and parts puts physical strain on an operator and can be time consuming as well, both of which can slow down the production workflow.

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TAWI lifters have been designed for the automotive industry to remove the physical strain that is caused from repetitive lifting of handling incoming goods, while also meeting the particular demands from the industry. Needing to stack goods very low or very high, or handling large and fragile items such as glass windows, can be easily done with a TAWI lifter.

Our lifters have unique ergonomic features and can be designed to handle a variety of goods from boxes and bags, to windshields and sheets of metal, and so much more. They allow for incoming goods to be quickly and safely picked and placed at floor level, without having to bend over or kneel in order to reach the goods.

Managing automotive incoming goods demands both great attention to detail while also producing a quick workflow. By implementing a TAWI lifting solution into your operations, you can lessen any chance of damaging items, as well as increase the production workflow time. Not to mention, work related injuries will decrease from using an ergonomic TAWI system, saving you both time and money.

lifting bales in automotive industry

Return on your investment

A TAWI lifting system can be adapted into any type of operation, and can lift numerous items in the most efficient manner that are needed for your production line. In return, the disadvantages that come with manually handling goods will diminish. Therefore, a TAWI system gives you a great return on your investment.

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