Handling car components with vacuum lifter

Component handling

TAWI offers devices for efficiently lifting all types of car components, from engines to batteries and even windshields. These lifting devices will speed up your workflow and save your employees the stress that comes from manual heavy lifting.

tilting crate filled with components with a lifting trolley

Easer, safer and faster component handling

The many parts that make up an automobile do not just all come together on the assembly floor. Manufacturing these components is a complex and demanding process. TAWI lifting solutions can help maximize the efficiency and safety of every stage of the component handling process, rather it be the production of individual parts to the final stage of the assembly line into a finished automobile. Our wide range of vacuum lifting equipment allows operators the ability to move, lift and set down components easier, safer, and faster than ever before.

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No matter if you’re lifting the frame of an automobile, or bigger components such as doors and roofs, these components all need to be lifted, moved and placed for attachment or assembly. These components are typically heavy and fragile, and need to be handled with care. A TAWI vacuum lifter is the solution to perfectly lift and accurately place these components with ease.

TAWI vacuum lifters securely lift applications without damaging the components, no matter the shape or size, by using minimal effort while still transporting with complete precision.

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