lifting windshield in automotive assembly line


Simplify your workflow when assembling car parts with TAWI’s long list of lifters that can be customized to fit your needs, no matter if you’re lifting metal components, batteries or even windshields.

lifting metal component with vacuum lifter

Simplify the assembly workflow

During the assembly process of an automobile, the key components for an efficient workflow are speed and accuracy. Adding lifting equipment into the workflow must not disturb the safety of the workers or the parts. This means that the lifting equipment used needs to be safe and secure so that accurate production can be accomplished.

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TAWI has designed lifting solutions to specifically meet the demands of the the automotive industry. Our lift systems easily be adapted into any work space and can simplify the workflow of any automotive assembly line. Along with standard lifting equipment, our solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs.

A disturbance in the workflow of the assembly process effects the business and its profits. While assembling a car with various parts and components, such as bumpers, windshields, etc., they must be lifted, moved and put together in a timely and precise manner. TAWI has been providing solutions to the automotive industry for many years, by maximizing their workflow and safety, while also saving businesses time and money.

lifting car parts in autmotive assembly line

Simple & efficient assembly line

TAWI offers a variety of products designed to lift most any type of component or part, and to allow workers the ability to lift all day, and every day, effortlessly and injury free. A TAWI system guarantees that any employee can lift and place any part quickly and securely, even awkward or heavy parts. From the most cumbersome part to the most fragile, lifting easily and with accuracy is the trademark of a TAWI lifting device. We stay up to date with the changes in the automotive industry and continue to progress our equipment, so it meets the needs and demands of our customer while remaining safe and dependable to use. The outcome is a more simpler, ergonomic and efficient assembly line.

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