man lifting wooden pallet with vacuum lifter

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With a TAWI UK vacuum lifter, handling wooden pallets is effortless and efficient. Creating a comfortable working environment whilst increasing productivity.

  • Effortless lifting.
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly tools.
  • Efficient operations, every day.

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TAWI UK pallet handling - saving you time and money

Spend less time and effort lifting pallets. TAWI UK pallet lifters let you lift wooden pallets quickly,
easilyy and effortlessly.

Vacuum pallet lifter
Pallet lifting with vacuum is quick and easy. Two suction feet placed on top of the pallet ensures a secure grip so that you can quickly lift the pallet and place it where you need it. A user-friendly handle makes the lifter easy to control, just as comfortable for both left- and right-handed users. With an extended or flexible handle, you will easily reach as far or as high as you need, without straining your back or shoulders.

Lifting pallets with fork tool
A special fork tool used on a wire hoist let you lift pallets smoothly and comfortably, with optimal precision. TAWI Wire hoist is one of the fastest wire hoists on the market and will effectively speed up your pallet handling.

Variable speed control allows you to decide how fast or slow you need to move and the ergonomic handle makes lifting comfortable and easy. Quick operation and distinct braking action simplifies the positioning of goods.

Lifting systems designed for you
Handling a lot of pallets? With our customised crane systems, we can design a complete lifting system that will streamline pallet handling in your business. The system is built specifically for your facilities, easily integrated in your workflow, and will effectively speed up pallet handling. Whether you prefer to use vacuum lifters or hoists, the system will ensure ergonomic and efficient pallet handling, every day.

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