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Rockwool created a healthier workplace for their employees by reducing the strain of over 7.000 kilos of manual lifting per shift.

Investing in TAWI lifting equipment is a win-win for both business and people, as it quickly pays off due to the obvious health benefits it provides to employees.

Danny Flass

Production Site Supervisor

Rockwool Employees Tackled 7,000 kg of Lifted Weight in a Single Shift

Rockwool is a worldleading supplier of stone wool products and insulation systems. The production site in Belgium needed to find a way to lift and transport the heavy metal parts and boxes of ready products used in the production process. Workers were manually lifting thousands of kilograms daily, which posed a significant risk to their health and safety.

Dedicated to improving the working conditions for their employees

Rockwool decided to invest in ergonomic lift systems from TAWI to minimize the risks associated with manual handling. Vacuum lifters and lifting trolleys are used daily and have become a natural part of the production flow. Workers can now palletize tons of boxes daily with minimal physical effort, effectively minimizing the risk of injury.
Production workers report positive time-saving effects since they can maintain the same work speed all day without getting tired. In addition, the investment in TAWI lifting equipment has paid off quickly due to the obvious health benefits for the employees. Rockwool has achieved a win-win for the business and people by investing in ergonomic lift systems.

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