floor mounted overhead crane system in factory

Floor mounted cranes

The optimal solution when the ceiling construction is not strong enough to hold the crane system and the primary option for tall ceilings as well as open air applications.

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TAWI floor mounted cranes

TAWI floor mounted cranes is the preferred solution when the ceiling structure is not strong enough to hold the girders. Also fitting when the ceiling is uneven or cluttered.

  • For tall ceiling facilities
  • For when flexibility is needed
  • For open air applications

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When to use floor mounted cranes

With a TAWI flor mounted crane you can enable lifting almost anywhere.

  • Cover an entire workstation
  • Mark out a boundary for unauthorised personnel
  • The system can be expanded and moved over time

Product Details

  • Lifting capacity: <125/1500 kg
  • Max suspension distance: <6000/8000 mm
  • Bridge span: <6000/8000 mm
  • Profiles: LR86, LR113, LR120, LR170

Floor mounted cranes - when there is more floor space than headroom

The TAWI overhead crane systems are flexible as they are also suitable for floor mounted structures, an alternative solution to the usual I-beam suspension in roof construction.

These stand-alone arches, or pillars, fit best when the load bearing capacity is insufficient or when the requirements for flexibility are high as the stand-alone pillars are also easy to assemble, disassemble and move as needed.

For several use cases, a floor mounted girder crane system might be optimal. If your intended material handling operations are to be situated in a space with less than adequate roof structure to hold a girder system, floor mounting could be the way to go. Further, if the roof is uneven or contains obstacles for a ceiling-based system, these are issues no more with our floor mounted system. Furthermore, in locations with tall ceilings, a situation where the vacuum- or hoist lift gets too unwieldy can sometimes arise, a none existent problem in floor mounted solutions. Finally, for open air applications where there simply is no roof structure to adhere to, floor mounted crane systems is the only way to go.

The floor mounted crane systems push the structure out to the very edges of the work area as well as making it well confined and defined. This ability of the system is great for when marking out an area only to be trespassed by authorized personnel. Further, the floor mounted construction consists of either arches, providing a high structural stability, or pillars, providing a large flexibility in layout.

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