Double girder crane system

Double girder cranes

The triangular construction of a double girder crane system ensures stable operations when handling up to 1 500 kilos of material.

TAWI double girder crane system for heavy loads double girder crane system TAWI crane system double girder

TAWI double girder cranes

TAWI double girder cranes are sized for both heavy loads and wide bridge spans at the same time.

  • Enabling the most stable operations
  • Smoothly operated with motor drive
  • Easy to operate

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When to use double girder cranes

With a TAWI double girder system you can:

  • Operate with three dimensions of freedom
  • Cover an entire workstation
  • Use both hoists and vacuum lifters
  • Lift up to 1500 kg
  • Have a bridge span of up to 8 meters

Product Details

  • Lifting capacity: <125/1500 kg
  • Max suspension distance: <6000/8000 mm
  • Bridge span: <6000/8000 mm
  • Profiles: LR86, LR113, LR120, LR170

Double girder cranes - to lift beyond belief

If your operations means handling loads heavier than 125 kg, a double girder crane system is required.

By doubling up on the girders the structural system can take more than ten times the load. It is not ten times as complicated to manoeuvre however as the two girders are joined in a triangular framework and powered by an electric motor. When handling loads up to 1500 kg, safe and smooth operation can only be achieved with a double girder crane system equipped with engine operation as the loads are too large to be handled manually. Many times, both the bridge and hoist motion are equipped with motor operation. The double girder cranes are to be used together with a motorised hoist system, such as the TAWI chain hoist, in order to be utilised to its full potential, i.e. handling 1500 kg of load. The motorized trolleys are usually equipped with two speed selections, which can be extended to include more options using a frequency converter. The double girder crane systems operating characteristics are improved with these options.

The double girder crane systems are based only on our steel profile and this, together with the triangular lattice framework, is what enables the system to carry 1500 kg. Except for this more rigid bridge configuration, the overall structure is just as nimble, quiet, smooth and safe. With this much power in the hands of the user, the only worry is where to put the load.

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