Safe lifting in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Safe lifting in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing can be a challenge due to the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene that must be adhered to in these environments. Learn how to keep your staff and goods safe with lifting aids from TAWI UK.

Just like manufacturers in any industry, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers and their employees can face real and serious health and safety issues, not only related to hazardous material or substances. There are multiple risk areas within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and the main causes of accidents are due to human error, inadequate training, and improper maintenance.

pharmaceutical manufacturing

Human error
The majority of industrial accidents that occur every year are due to one simple reason – us being human. When costs are cute and proper equipment is not used, or workers aren’t trained properly and decide to take shortcuts, accidents can happen.

Inadequate training
Inadequate training or faulty processes can often lead to shortcuts being taken in the workplace. When operators aren’t trained adequately to use specific tools or equipment, industrial accidents are more likely to occur.

Improper maintenance
A common reason for industrial accidents in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector is the improper maintenance of equipment. Malfunction and failure to meet the high standards in the production line is of greatest priority and can have serious effects on the health and safety of workers.

Safety for people and product

TAWI solutions can be integral to a highly safe and accurate process line. A vacuum lifter can reduce the risk of work-related injuries and damage to your product – with minimal effort and risk of contamination.

Customisable solutions for demanding environments

TAWI has been providing safe and ergonomic handling equipment to pharmaceutical and chemical industry clients for decades. We commonly customise solutions for very specific processes, to make sure every client is equipped with their best tools to optimise their processes and performance – without compromising their rigid safety requirements.

Our TAWI specialists are happy to help with a specific solution to meet your needs – whatever your environment requires. For more information on safe lifting in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, visit our website

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