PostNord logistic – An effective and safer workflow thanks to TAWI vacuum lifting solutions

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PostNord is at the forefront of the Nordic logistics sector, with about 8000 distribution terminals across the Nordic region. In 2021 alone, they delivered over 226 million packages. Postnord Logistic workflow is more effective and safer thanks to the TAWI vacuum lifting solution.

PostNord Logistic: An effective and efficient workflow

The logistics sector is thriving, requiring the facilities and processes to work smarter and faster as the number of packages and boxes only seems to rise. PostNord has continuously invested in its logistics workflow with smart lifting solutions from TAWI in almost all of its terminals for the last 15 years.

TAWI lifting solutions at PostNord

They currently have thirteen TAWI lifting solutions installed in their distribution terminal in Jönköping, Sweden, in different spots where parcels must be handled quickly and easily. About half of the installed lifters are different variants of the High-Frequency Lifter and the Telescopic Mounted Unloader.

TAWI_PostNord_high frequency carbon fibre

Why choose the lifting equipment from TAWI?

The most critical aspects for PostNord when choosing supplier and type of lifting equipment is the ease of use and safety, says Jonatan Floss, Service Engineer at PostNord. He has over ten years of experience within the organisation, working with unloading parcels using vacuum lifters and container unloader solutions. Then continued his career as a service engineer.

“It makes a huge difference using vacuum lifters, especially for the arms and shoulders. You have more energy at the end of the shift.”

TAWI_PostNord_high frequency loading cages

The industry serves continuously fast, and it’s not uncommon to have a high staff turnover. Regularly onboarding new team members requires the equipment used within the terminals to be user-friendly and easy to learn – where the TAWI vacuum lifting equipment checks the boxes.

Being easy to manoeuvre and handle simplifies the onboarding and training process for new employees.  Additionally, it encourages the workers to use the equipment – which results in fewer reports of sick leave caused by strain injuries due to the heavy and repetitive lifting.

The vacuum lifters open the workforce and encourage anyone to do tasks previously limited to only the strongest staff members. Anyone can now work with parcel handling, making the recruitment process easier and faster.



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