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Pharmaceutical weighing

When cleanliness is key, we can help you create an ergonomic, efficient and safe work place. Reduce time and cost in pharmaceutical weighing with TAWI stainless steel handling tools.

clean room lifting trolley used in pharmaceutical industry

Weighing and dispensing

The weighroom is the entry point to manufacturing and an important transition point for materials coming from a warehouse and entering the processing area. The manual handling taking place in this room is crucial for the continued manufacturing process. Through careful attention to layout, equipment and operation in the weighing room, you can create a solid starting point for an efficient manufacturing process.

  • Safe and ergonomic pharmaceutical weighing
  • Stainless steel and ATEX rated lifting tools
  • Improved ergonomics and worker safety

Weighroom design and equipment may differ depending on the type of processing that will take place in the process area, but some common principles should drive the design of any pharmaceutical weighroom: a unidirectional flow of materials and personnel, segregation between hazardous and non-hazardous materials, and separation of storage and manufacturing items and spaces.

Various types of lifting tools are commonly used to facilitate the manual handling in a pharmaceutical weighroom. What type of tools will serve your weighing room best depends on the type of manual handling required, and the level of cleanliness needed.

TAWI offers a wide selection of stainless steel lifting tools, designed for easy cleaning. Our range of mobile lifters are often used to move raw material into the weighroom, but also to transport kits of weighed materials from weighing to processing areas. The lifters can easily move, lift, turn and tilt all types of drums or pails, but are also used to transport sacks or other types of containers within the weighing area. Before moving from one closed area to another, the trolley is hose-washed to prevent contamination.

lifting sacks with food using vacuum lifter

Save time and money with efficient manual handling

Our stainless-steel vacuum tools facilitate manual handling of sacks, allowing weighroom staff to easily lift ungainly sacks and hold them while emptying ingredients into a pail or drum placed on a platform floor scale. Thanks to their great flexibility, the same vacuum equipment can also be used to lift the drum or pail from the scale onto a pallet ready for transport into the processing area.

As the primary transition point from warehouse to manufacturing, the weighroom operations will have a significant impact on the overall production process in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Well organized layout and choice of equipment will ensure a seamless and time-efficient weighing process.

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