Lifting box from conveyor to pallet using handhold vacuum lifter

Receiving Food Products

No matter what the material used in your manufacturing process, we have a lifting and handling solution that will ensure you can receive goods and transport them quickly, safely and with minimal effort.

Single girder crane with vacuum lifter

Efficient handling when receiving goods

In the food and beverage industry, we understand that there are various ingredients and packaging used. No matter what the container might be, drums of oil or sacks of powder, they all need to be handled and transported throughout the process. With a TAWI lifting solution we can help you ensure that no matter what the materials are, you can handle them efficiently, safely and effectively.

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At TAWI, we understand the constant challenges that the food and beverage industry pose. From the need for a constant high level of product, to the hygiene levels required within the manufacturing process, we have worked with many customers on an ongoing basis to ensure we meet these expectations whilst providing the most effective solution for their manual handling problems. With our solutions you can lift almost any time of surface and dimension safely and hygienically – from the point of receiving right through to distribution.

TAWI systems can handle plastic, paper and jute sacks, boxes and cartons, drums, kegs and barrels as well as crates of all types.

Vacuum lifting can also combat the risk of accidents and workplace injuries caused by repetitive lifting of heavy incoming goods. A TAWI lifter creates a safer, more efficient work environment, allowing any operator, regardless of stature, to have precise and weightless control of even the heaviest, most cumbersome bag or sack. Our view is that every one should be able to lift, removing the limitations gives greater workplace flexibility and diversity, giving you a better result on your bottom line.

Perhaps most importantly, when a TAWI system increases productivity and efficiency, it reduces injury claims and downtime, meaning that the initial cost of purchase of the lifting equipment can quickly be counteracted by the positive results they produce.

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