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Flexible sack handling
"Everyone can handle heavy sacks with TAWI vacuum lifters, which increases flexibility and makes sure the production never stands still."

Jonas Eriksson

Production manager, Bakels Aromatic, Sweden

Made in Sweden, sold around the world

Solving manual handling problems globally

At TAWI UK, we use innovation and quality to improve productivity in the workplace whilst maintaining employee health. Manufacturing at our head office in Sweden, we create solutions for all manner of manual handling needs from initial design to life long maintenance.

In Kungsbacka, a small town on the west coast of Sweden, TAWI head office is home to a dedicated team who will support your needs from development all the way through to servicing.

Our team of experienced engineers design lifting solutions which can be customised to your specific needs, resulting in market leading lifting equipment of optimal quality and safety.


Dedicated customer support is guaranteed when investing in TAWI lifting solutions and our service team will assure that your equipment never fails you. Choosing TAWI means that you get Swedish quality and reliability, in product, service and support, and we pride ourselves on our aftercare service. We recommend that you have your equipment serviced every 12 months to ensure longevity and safety, and we will remind you when your service is due so that you don’t need to worry.

Our lifting equipment is capable of handling a massive range of goods, from boxes and sacks, to cheese and windshields. You can turn, tilt and rotate heavy barrels, large panels and much more with ease using a TAWI lifting system, including vacuum lifters, hoists, crane systems and mobile lifters. We can cover all your needs, so experience the benefits of using one complete supplier and contact us today.

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What’s your Industry?

TAWI lifting solutions are used successfully in various industries all over the world. We customise our lifting equipment to meet the requirements of your industry so give us a call to discuss yours. If you can’t find what you do below, get in touch to chat and we can find you a solution.

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Pharma & Chemical
  • Logistics
  • Food
    Food & Beverage
  • Wood & Steel
    Wood & Steel
  • Airports and Ports

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