TAWI lifting trolleys for tilting reels

Tilt and lift with optimal mobility

Need to tilt or turn rolls to place them in position? Lifters from TAWI Canada help you lift rolls, move them where you need them, and tilt to place them in correct position.

  • Tilt from vertical to horizontal position.
  • Manual or electrical tilt and turn.
  • Optimal mobility.

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Moving reels with TAWI lifting trolleys

Lifting trolleys

Lifting trolleys

Lift anything, anywhere. Mobile, versatile and efficient handling of rolls, drums, containers and more. For loads <250 kg.

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electric hoist

High speed wire hoist

High speed wire hoist

High speed electric hoist handling all types of goods with complete accuracy. For loads <120 kg.

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lifting trolley stainless steel

Stainless steel lifting trolleys

Stainless steel lifting trolleys

Mobile stainless steel lifters are best used when handling goods in cleanroom areas. For loads <250 kg.

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Lifting and tilting rolls with great mobility

Pick up rolls from a vertical position, tilt to horizontal position and easily put them in place. We make roll handling effortless, efficient and safe.

Smarter roll handling

Streamline your roll handling with smart solutions for efficient and precise lifting. TAWI Lifting Trolleys are robust and reliable lifters with a wide selection of tools for handling most types of goods. A Coregripper tool picks up rolls from the core, allowing you to tilt and turn the roll to the exact position where you need it. Easily pick up rolls from a pallet, transport them to machine or shelf and tilt them to horizontal position before placing them where you need them. A QuickLoad function automatically stops the lifter at the exact height where you need it, saving you from manual adjustments.

TAWI Lifting Trolleys streamline roll handling, not only in Canada, but in various industries worldwide. SCA in Sweden is one of many companies that benefit from our lifters every day.  Read more about their experience here.

Safe and reliable operations

Concerned about worker safety? TAWI Lifting Trolleys are designed to ensure safe operations and an ergonomic work environment. SafeDrive immediately stops the lifter if the load hits an object, making sure the trolley does not fall over or damage anything that has come in its way. The lifters are made for all-day use and with an extra battery pack they can even run through multiple shifts.

Mobile and flexible lifting

When you need to move goods around your facilities, or lift the same type of goods in several locations, a lifting trolley is the ideal solution. The lifter is easy to push and turn, small enough to get through doors and narrow passages, but strong enough to handle goods up to 250 kg. The Coregripper tool can lift, turn and tilt rolls to any position. Optimal flexibility for smarter roll handling.

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