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Benefits of Vacuum Lifters

Our vacuum systems are robust and reliable lifting aids that make lifting various goods and packaging easy.

  • Versatile lifters that can handle everything from boxes, bags, reels, tyres, and multiple types of goods.
  • Quick coupling & suction foot change for versatile lifting.
  • An extended articulated handle makes lifting high up easy without straining the back or shoulders.
  • Vacuum power for efficient, safe & sustainable handling of goods in various industrial processes.
  • Innovative solutions that offer time- and cost-efficient Lifting while being ergonomic and safe for the operator.

TAWI vacuum lifters are designed with the employees in mind

Food packaging - boxes

An ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable working position for both right-handed and left-handed users, increasing workforce flexibility and empowering everyone to lift.

🔸Two-handed multifunctional lifting equipment up to 270 kg
🔸One-handed model for high-frequency Lifting to 65 kg
🔸It can be equipped with many tools for all kinds of goods
🔸Minimises risks of damage to personnel and goods
🔸An investment that pays-off quickly

Get quick ROI with the TAWI equation


Give everyone the power to lift. Create a flexible workplace where employees can move between workstations.


Increase productivity by making lifting easy. When Lifting is easy, you can lift more with less effort.

Health & Safety

Relieve employees from strenuous Lifting and help them stay healthy, alert and efficient all day.


Sack of ingredients is lifted with a vacuum lift Woman lifts package from conveyor belt to pallet with vacuum lift Wood sheet board Lift with a vacuum lift


Discover the Benefits of Our Vacuum Lifting Equipment Across Our Main Industries and Applications

How do I know if vacuum lifting is correct for my application?

There are many ways to handle material, and a vacuum lifter is just one of those options on the market today.

There are several factors that you need to consider about your application before you can select the right vacuum lifter configuration for you:

  • Area the lifter needs to traverse
  • Weight/shape/material of the item being lifted
  • Facility space constraints
  • Special requirements such as ATEX certification or FDA compliance
Vacuum lifters in Australia

If you want to know if vacuum lifters will improve your lifting process, you could send us your products and your Lifting challenge, and we will provide a video or live stream showing the product.

You can visit our recently opened new office in Queensland by requesting a live demo session with your products.

Find out more information about our Mobile Lifting Solutions,

Contact our Lifting Experts in Australia or call our office at 0458 455 128 Today! 
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